The Amp MKII

Here is the updated version of  The Amp.

- Microcontroller for Control, ATMEGA8.
- New input stage with differential input.
- New output stage with 2 bipolar transistors in parallel.

There is one master controller (MEGA8) for the whole amp and a TINY26 for every channel, see below.

Download Shematics AMPII (Version 2003)
Download Shematics AMPII (Update 2010-05)
Download Shematics AMPII (Complete 2010-05)
Download Shematics Protection (V5.0, 2010-05)
Download Shematics Rectifier (2008)

Goto Update-Prototype page (2010-06-30) with measurements and shematic

for more information (especially distortion) this link could be usefull:

Douglas Self  Homepage
Douglas Self Amp institute

See also here for measurements. (comming soon)

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