This DAC is build with a DIR 1701 SPDIF Interface Receiver and a PCM1742KE DAC.

The Interface Receiver:

The DIR 1701 is the only alternative for the Crystal Chipsets and its maufactered in SSOP 28.
It's capable recieving up to 24Bit @ 96kHz. It requires only a single 12 MHz crystal and has a built in clock recovery, named SPACT (TM by Burr Brown).
This clock recovery has very low jitter (about some ps) and is based on a internal 100MHz PLL.
Output Format (IIS, LJ,RJ..) and *fs rate can be selected by hardwired pins (or jumper like here)
The supply voltage is 3.3V, but the DIR 1701 accepts Input signals with 5V Logic.

The DAC:

For the DAC I used a PCM1742KE (also manufactured by Burr Brown).
It's a DAC capable of  24bit @ 96 kHz (selectebale by software).
I think it's the best DAC in single Package (SSOP 16) with integrated Noise Shapping.....

The Output:

The output is an active Low Pass (around 30kHz) with (OPA 134) and good 1% FKP capacitors (the green one's).





Original Pictures can be downladed HERE:
BigPictures  (900kB)