The USB Interface for the Digital Head Amp

The Interface is based on the PCM2902 Chipset manufactered by Burr Brown / Texas Instruments.
It's includes nearly all funtions you need to build an USB to Audio Interface:

- USB Controller:

A complete USB Controller, will be detected by Windows as "USB Audio Codec".
No Driver has to be developed !!!!! Only an .inf file must be edited to work with the PCM 2902.

- Analog Interface:

Complete Analog Interface for Stereo Audio Input and Output.
Only an Input and Output OpAmp for Low Pass Filtering is required.

- SPDIF Interface:

Complete SPDIF Interface (In and Out)  is included and only Levelshifting is required.
( Opto / Koax <-> 3.3V CMOS Logic)

That were the good news, BUT

this device is only availiable in TSSOP 28 Package (SMD, Pin distance is only half the"normal" SOIC SMD)  !

Be warned ! Only try to make a PCB with this device, if  you are able to solder it !!!!!!!!


The TL072 are for test only !!


Original Pictures can be downladed HERE:
TopSide  (380k)
BottomSide (760k)